July 14, 2017

Rent Or Buy? Whats The Best Move For Your Money?}

Submitted by: David Cunic

At one time I did a lot of work for Citi Mortgage as the creative lead on their online advertising. It was apparent what was going to happen, i.e., the crash.

Citis then CEO, his eminence Charles Prince III, was quoted as saying, Were going to keep dancing as long as the music plays.

Anyway, please raise your hand if youve ever heard any of these:

Renting is like throwing your money down the drain.

Homeownership is a time and money suck.

Youre young! Why tie yourself down?

Youre old enough shouldnt you own a home by now?

If youre stuck in the rent or buy dilemma how do you make sense of all the conflicting advice and decide whats right?


notwithstanding break the debate down into simple lifestyle considerations. Your choice comes down to which will give you the lifestyle you want.

The Joys of Renting:


Renters have the flexibility of moving quickly. If youre sick of downtown, head to the burbs. Or vice versa. If you lose your job, hate your hood, or decide to move in with sweetie pie, you can head out as soon as your lease expires (or pay for an early lease termination).

Access to amenities

You may be able to enjoy super amenities at a fraction of the cost of installing or subscribing to them. From the on-site gym to the swimming pool, your rent may cover it all.

Less responsibility

Leaky faucet? Call the super. Someone else handles the furnace breakdown, and you wont ever have to clear snow from the walkway, or pay for a new roof when renting a place.

Less financial pressure

Owning a home is a long-term responsibility. You are, after all, stuck with your mortgage. (Aside: Mortgage means Death Pledge in French.) When you rent, you dont face this struggle.

Ownership Has Its Privileges And Considerable Pleasures:

Ability to customize

Hate the cabinets in your kitchen? Change them out. Want to turn a laminate countertop into granite? Go for it. As a homeowner, your home is your canvas. Knock down a wall, create your dream kitchen no one will tell you what you can or cannot do.

Freedom to live how you want

Want a dog, a cat, or a litter of gerbils? Want to host a cookout? Feel free. You can do almost anything, as long as its legal and you dont disturb the neighbors when you buy your home.

Financial perks

Owning a home builds equity. And you can write off mortgage interest at tax-time, get tax credits for certain improvements, even turn your unused rooms into rental units. Plus with a fixed-rate mortgage, your mortgage payments never rise. And as inflation kicks in, youll repay your mortgage in cheaper dollars over time.

What Questions Should You Ask?

So where do you see yourself in 3-5 years?

How long will do you plan on living in the same town?

How stable is your job?

Can you afford a home you can grow into?

Are you prepared to sink a large amount of money into a home, or do you have other goals youd rather focus on?

Are you hands-on or hands-off?

Theres no right answer to rent or buy.

About the Author: David M. Cunic, is a successful physical therapist and personal trainer for Pazoo, Inc., a Health & Wellness company for people & pets. To learn more visit us at



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