July 14, 2017

Kerala South India Tours Kochi Attractions}

Kerala South India Tours Kochi Attractions


Chandra Prakash

Are you planning for Kerala tours in South India? Looking for an exotic tourist place in Kerala? Well, your search ends here. Visit Kochi (formerly known as Cochin) in Kerala Gods Own Country. Believe me you will have an enduring travel and tourism experience to cherish for lifetime. Kochi is one of the most important cities in the charming and captivating states of Kerala appealing a large number of travellers and vacationers from different parts of the world. The city has the finest natural harbor on the azure Arabian Sea Cost of India. Also this city is the major commercial centre of the state. This city is often described as the Mini Kerala as the city enjoys everything for what Kerala is known for. Beaches, backwaters, temples, historical & religious sites, magnificent monuments, marvelous forts & palaces, houseboats, boat cruise, cultural wonders, exotic art form, art & architecture, tea coffee plantations, spice gardens, etc are featured attraction of Kochi city tours and travels in Gods Own Country.

Lovingly known as the Queen of the Arabian Sea, Kochi is also an important sea port of India or often described as the Port City of India. The city captures hearts of tourists from across the world with a number of attractions and interesting tourist places. The city has a glorious history which spans over several centuries. Fort Kochi, St Francis Church, Mattancherry Dutch Palace, Hill Palace Museum, Bolghatty Palace, Pareekshith Thampuran Museum, Sakamoto Ryoma Memorial Museum, Willington Island, Jewish Synagogue, Vypeen Island, Fort Kochi Beach, Cherai Beach, Katsurahama Beach, Backwaters, Santa Cruz Basilica, Chinese Fishing Nets, Colonial Houses, Jew Street, Dutch Cemetery, Princess Street, Ernakulam, Spice Market, Sea Food, etc are prime attractions of Kochi visit. You will have a wonderful opportunity explore and relish all these attractions of Cochin on your exciting Kerala Tours in South India.

The most enjoyable activities in Kochi are cruising backwaters, relaxing at beaches, and exploring various islands. Visiting sunset from the gigantic Chinese Fishing Nets is a unique & cheering experience of Kerala Kerala Tour Packages and travels. You Cochin city tour is incomplete without enjoy shopping. Shopping in this city lets tourists a wonderful opportunity for shop for some exquisite handicrafts, local sea foods, spices & nuts, coir products, bamboo products, shells, brass, ivory, sandalwood items, etc. Major shopping centre is MG Road. Tourist visiting to Kochi can make excursions for some other popular destinations of Kerala such as Alleppey, Kumarakom, Thommankuthu Waterfalls, Cheyyappara Waterfalls, Malayattoor Church, Periyar, Kalady, Aluva, etc. Being a major city in South India, Kochi is easily accessible from the different parts of India. It is well connected to all the major cities and tourist places of Kerala and South India. The city has an international airport.

Prakash writes for India Travel & Tourism related topics. Goa can be a perfect destination spend your vacation

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to spend their holiday on Goas pristine beaches. For More India Holiday Vacations you can visit

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July 13, 2017

Soft drink foes cheer victory, lament remaining junk foods in schools

Monday, May 8, 2006

Last week’s announcement that most soda manufacturers will stop selling their sugary products in U.S. schools did not mention that avoiding lawsuits was part of the motivation for the self-imposed ban. Some of those who threatened legal action to stop the soda sales are patting themselves on the back over the agreement, while lamenting that the deal did not go far enough, and now plan to press for more restrictions.

“Though there is room for improvement — sugary “sports” drinks still will be sold in schools, for instance — this voluntary agreement is certainly good enough that CSPI will drop its planned lawsuit against Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Cadbury-Schweppes and their bottlers,” said Michael F. Jacobson, the executive director of the Center for Science in the Public Interest . “I hope this settlement contributes to the momentum that is building in Congress for legislation that would require USDA to update its standards for foods sold outside of school meals. That would enable USDA to eliminate the sale of candy, cookies, French fries, potato chips, and other snack foods, as well as sports drinks, that are standard fare in school vending machines and stores.”

In the wake of the announcement of the agreement by the three largest soft drink companies, their bottlers and the public health advocacy group, the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, Jacobson thanked his team of litigators for “negotiating effectively with the soft-drink industry over the past six months, and for demonstrating that the judicial system can play an important role in spurring public health advances.”

Richard Daynard, a law professor and president of the Public Health Advocacy Institute, which threatened the soft-drink industry with lawsuits, said in an institute press release, “The industry agreement with the Clinton Foundation and American Heart Association comes after sustained pressure from potential litigation and negotiations with public health groups and their lawyers. It is a credit to the role of litigation and the legal system as a component of effective public health strategy.”

“This agreement demonstrates the potential of public health litigation to help control the obesity epidemic,” he said.

In an email exchange with the James Logan Courier, Margo Wootan, director of Nutrition Policy for the Center for Science in the Public interest, said, “Last week’s announcement that soft drink companies will pull all sugary sodas from schools is great step toward improving school foods. This agreement is the culmination of the tremendous national momentum on improving school foods — from the local policies (in LA, NYC, Chicago, Philadelphia, DC, etc.), state bills (in 2005, 200 bills were introduced in 40 states to get soda and junk foods out of schools), the strong bipartisan bill pending in the U.S. Congress, and threats of litigation against soda companies.”

“While today’s agreement is a huge step forward, it is by no means the last step” wrote Wootan, ” We still have a lot of work to do to improve school foods.”

The agreement, announced Wednesday morning by the William J. Clinton Foundation, means that the nation’s biggest beverage distributors, and the American Beverage Association, will pull their soda products from vending machines and cafeterias in schools serving about 35 million students, according to the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, a joint initiative between the Clinton Foundation and the American Heart Association.

Under the agreement, high schools will still be able to purchase drinks such as diet and unsweetened teas, diet sodas, sports drinks, flavored water, seltzer and low-calorie sports drinks for resale to students.

The companies plan to stop soda sales at 75 percent of the nation’s public schools by the 2008-2009 school year, and at all schools in the following school year. The speed of the changes will depend in part on school districts’ willingness to change their contracts with the beverage distributors.

Some food activists criticized the deal for not going far enough and undermining efforts to go further.

Michele Simon, the director of the Center for Informed Food Choices, based in Oakland, Ca., called the deal “bogus” and a “PR stunt” by “Big Cola” in an effort to “sugar coat it’s image.”

“This announcement could potentially undermine ongoing grassroots efforts, state legislation, and other enforceable policies,” wrote Simon in an article at,” For example, in Massachusetts where a stronger bill is pending, a local advocate is worried about the adverse impact, since legislators could easily think that Clinton has taken care of the problem and ignore the bill. What was already an uphill battle—getting schools and legislatures to take this problem seriously—was just made worse, not better, by this bogus agreement.

“Even from a health standpoint, the deal is hardly impressive. Diet soda full of artificial sweeteners, sports drinks high in sugar, and other empty-calorie beverages with zero nutritional value are still allowed in high schools,” Simon wrote, “Also, parents concerned about soda advertising in schools will not be pleased with the agreement. Not a word is mentioned about the ubiquitous marketing children are subjected to daily in the form of branded score boards, school supplies, sports bags, and cups (just to name a few), which is required by exclusive Coke and Pepsi contracts. “

She’s not the only one criticizing the deal.“ While the initial details are promising, PHAI is concerned about some aspects of the agreement as it is being reported,” Daynard said in the press release. “The continual sale of “sports drinks” is a cause for concern. While they have a role for marathon runners and others engaged in sustained strenuous sports, for most students “sports drinks” are just another form of sugar water. Furthermore, the change in beverages offered must be carefully monitored and cannot depend entirely on the schools’ willingness and ability to alter existing contracts. Soda companies have spent decades pushing these unhealthy drinks on children and should bear the responsibility for their removal. PHAI is also concerned about the enforcement of this agreement and its silence on industry marketing activities in the school system,” he said.

“Importantly, the agreement doesn’t address the sale of chips, candy, snack cakes, ice cream, or any of the other high-fat, high-calorie, high-salt foods that are sold widely in schools,” said Wootan of the Center for Science in the Public Interest, “This is a voluntary agreement and is not enforceable, we need Senator Harkin’s school foods bill to lock in the beverage standards and give them the force of law.”

Even the diet drinks, which will still be offered, need to go, said Ross Getman, an attorney in Syracuse, NY. Getman has advocated that soda should not be sold in public schools and that long-term “pouring rights” agreements, which give a company exclusive access to sell their brands at a school, are illegal for a variety of reasons.

Getman, who contends that some diet sodas are contaminated with benzene, a cancer-causing chemical, said the soda “industry gets an “F” for incomplete” for “the industry’s failure to pull all soda from school and to recall products.”

Schools account for about $700 million in U.S. soft-drink sales, less than 1 percent total revenue for Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and Cadbury, the nation’s largest soda companies.

Ten of the largest U.S. school districts have already removed soft drinks from vending machines, according to Getman. States including California, Maine and Connecticut have also banned sugary sodas in schools.

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Tackling Acne The Natural Way}

Submitted by: Praveen Pandey

Acne, also known as pimples or zits, affects people of all age groups. Scarring and post inflammatory discoloration are the most important complications of acne. No matter how severe acne is, it affects different people in different ways and many people with acne suffer from insecurities, depression, and a poor self-image. Teenagers and young adults are more prone to developing acne due to the natural hormonal changes that take place at that age. Factors like heredity, stress, dandruff, abuse of cosmetics and smoking can trigger acne. Just a few precautionary measures can help you to have freedom from acne.

Wash your face 2-3 times a day. Don’t overdo the washing. Too much washing can cause other skin problems, such as dryness or skin irritation. Use a mild soap or face wash. Apply the cleanser and wash it off with your fingertips. This reduces skin irritation. Using a washcloth, mesh sponge, or anything else can irritate the skin and lead to breakouts. Never scrub the skin. Scrubbing the skin clean does not clear acne. In fact, scrubbing irritates the skin and can aggravate acne.

Women must avoid oily makeup and cosmetics. It can worsen acne. If you have to use makeup, choose water-based and non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores) makeup. Makeup should be thoroughly removed before going to bed. Avoid facials, clean ups and face massages while having active acne.

Perspiration, especially when wearing a hat or helmet, can make acne worse, so the skin should be gently cleansed as quickly as possible after perspiring. Men need to shave with care. Soften the hair before shaving. Wetting the face thoroughly with lukewarm water can help to do so. Experiment with various methods or technologies. Try shaving with electric and safety razors to see which works best for you. Make sure that the blade is sharp. This helps to prevent nicks from a safety razor, which can irritate the skin and lead to breakouts. Shave lightly. This can help avoid nicking acne lesions to make them worse. Never try to shave off the acne. This aggravates the condition further.

Shampoo your hair daily, especially if it is oily. Comb or pull your hair back to keep the hair out of your face. Avoid tight headbands. Control your dandruff. Use a mild antidandruff shampoo. Avoid oily hair care products, such as oil-containing gels and pomades as they can drip onto the skin and clog the pores to give rise to acne. Never scratch, rub, burst, pinch, squeeze, or fiddle with acne. This can lead to spread of the infection and scarring.

Have at least one lemon daily, either in the form of lemon juice or added to your vegetable or curry. Vitamin C helps to heal acne-prone skin more quickly and prevents the formation of new blemishes. Extensive scientific studies have found no direct relation between diet and acne. In other words, foods like chocolates, French fries, and pizzas do not cause acne. Nonetheless, some people insist that certain foods affect their acne. In that case, avoid those foods. Besides, eating a balanced diet always makes sense.

About the Author: Get tips, recipes and products on Skin Care, at



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July 12, 2017

Squirrel banned from Finnish supermarket

Friday, August 24, 2007

Health authorities in Finland have banned a squirrel from visiting a SIWA supermarket in the central Finnish city of Jyväskylä.

The squirrel had previously been allowed in by the store’s manager, Irene Lindroos, where it would enter daily via the open front door, and help itself to a Kinder Egg chocolate from the confectionery section. Once it had one, it would carry it back outside to eat it.

The appearance of the squirrel regularly amused customers, often with the effect of causing them to purchase Kinder Eggs themselves.

However, as of today, the squirrel has been barred from entering. “It’s a decision of the health authorities. The door of the store has remained open all summer, but now it will be shut,” said an employee of the supermarket.

The squirrel had received widespread press attention earlier in the year. “I named it the Kinder-squirrel, after the treats. It always goes after them, other sweets do not seem to interest it as much,” Irene Lindroos had said at the time. The sweets contain a small plastic toy, and Lindroos had said “It removes the foil carefully, eats the chocolate and leaves the store with the toy”.

The squirrel was banned by the authorities because they decided that the terms of the Food Act meant it could not remain there. Lindroos told reporters the squirrel had become very popular with customers, saying that almost everyone who entered the store had asked about it. She added that one customer had made a donation of 30 Euros (41 US) to fund the squirrel’s continuing chocolate-taking.

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July 10, 2017

Luxury Collections Launch A New Collection Of Dunlop Sport Watches In India.}

Submitted by: Luxury Callection

Indian distributor Luxury Collections has launched Dunlop Sports watch NEW COLLECTION 2017 in India. The legendary brand is celebrating over 100 years of teaming with the worlds most successful international sports stars including golfer Arnold Palmer and tennis players John McEnroe, Steffi Graf & Amelie Mauresmo.

All Dunlop watches reflect the core values of the Dunlop brand. The Dunlop player is truly made of the right stuff and prepared to dig deep when it really matters, says the company.

Dunlop Sports New Collection 2017 having new features & innovative technology, which have been driving the sales in the sports watch category in recent years.

Dunlop Watches

When the going gets tough, you can rely on Dunlop watches to keep pace. Digitals feature in the Watches are packed with useful functions ranging from programmable alarms and timers to backlit faces. The popular brand behind these collections builds in sporty detailing, rugged construction and smartly modern looks that wear well whether you’re a spectator or going to extremes.

Shop our many premium watch styles that include quartz and mechanical movements in fashion, sport and everyday models for men and women. Build your timepiece collection and find the perfect gifts while taking advantage of the Watches exceptional discounts

Find latest offers and retail prices of Dunlop Watches in India on our website . Dunlop watches are also available on various watch stores and all major online stores.


We guarantee that the product that we offer on is 100% genuine, authentic and purchased directly from the authorized manufacturers of the respective brands. We are the official and the only licensed distributors of the brands and products that we offer on our website in India and we certify that in any way the customer feels comfortable.To make it even more transparent and put your mind at ease, we offer a 200% refund, including the cost of return shipping; in the event the inauthenticity of any product you purchase from us is established.Rest assured, when you shop with us, you can be confident that you are purchasing a quality, genuine item from the licensed distributors.


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As keen users of other internet sites, we fully appreciate the importance of privacy on the internet. In common with all shopping websites, we collect personal data when you shop or interact with We use this information to make your experience of our site as enjoyable as possible. We use it to process your orders, advise you of any problems or delays and to occasionally, when we have your consent, send you new product alerts, offers and promotions.

We collect information for the following purposes:

To deliver orders placed by youTo verify your payment details and prevent fraudulent transactionsTo obtain card authorisation and process paymentsTo contact you in the event of a problem with your orderWhere your consent has been given, to contact you with alerts, offers and promotions

About the Author: Find latest offers and retail prices of Dunlop Watches in India on our website

. Dunlop watches are also available on various watch stores and all major online stores.


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Severe weather warnings issued for much of UK

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Severe weather warnings have been issued for much of the UK, with England, Wales and Northern Ireland subject to weather warnings. Much of Scotland was also subject to a weather warning earlier today, although they have now been removed.

It has been forecasted that winds of up to 130 km/h will hit the southern and western areas of the United Kingdom in what has been predicted by some to be the worst storm this winter. The Met Office has said that there is a 60% risk of disruption for much of southern England and Wales, although the figure for Scotland is less then 20%.

David Rooke from the UK’s Environment Agency (EA) said that “We’re giving a very strong message to stay away from coastal areas,” and that “There will be huge waves, a lot of spray and it will be a very dangerous place to be.”

On its website the Met Office said that “the Met Office continues to expect an intense low pressure system to move east across the UK during Monday, bringing severe gales and potentially damaging gusts across some areas, more particularly the west and south of England and Wales. Southerly winds are expected to strengthen during the early hours of Monday to give severe gales for a time, coinciding with the morning rush hour in some areas.”

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Al Gore-owned cable news channel to relaunch August 1 with viewer-created content

Monday, April 4, 2005

San Francisco, California — A year after buying the struggling Newsworld International 24-hour U.S. and Canada cable news channel, former U.S. vice president Al Gore and his partner, millionaire Ohio attorney and politician Joel Hyatt, plan to re-launch the channel with a new name, a new concept and a new target audience.

Starting August 1, the channel will be known as Current and will aim its news programming at the 18-34 year old demographic that traditionally does not tune into cable news. “The Internet opened a floodgate for young people whose passions are finally being heard, but TV hasn’t followed suit. Young adults have a powerful voice, but you can’t hear that voice on television … yet,” Gore said in a press release issued from the network’s San Francisco studios.

Gore said the new channel will be partly created by citizen journalists, where viewer-created reports will find their way on air. “We want to transform the television medium itself, giving a national platform to those who are hungry to help create the TV they want to watch. We’re creating a powerful new brand of television that doesn’t treat audiences as merely viewers, but as collaborators,” Gore said in the release. The network posted submission guidelines on its new website which launched Monday.

Gore bought Newsworld International (NWI) from Vivendi Universal last year for $70 million. It was the only TV asset of Vivendi’s not snapped up by NBC in the creation of the NBC Universal media conglomerate. NBC already had two struggling cable news channels of its own. NWI’s current news content is mostly rebroadcasts of news produced by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Originally, the network was going to be remodled as a liberal counterpart to the popular Fox News Channel, which some critics claim is a conservative-slanted newscast despite the network’s denial that it is “fair and balanced” in its reporting. But after market research, the new owners of NWI decided that a liberal news network was not financially feasible.

Instead, they focused on a youth-skewed news channel under the code name “INdTV” (pronounced “Indy Tee Vee”). The new name, Current, and re-launch date announcement was timed to coincide with the annual National Cable & Telecommunications Association convention, which is being held this week in San Francisco, the same city as Channel’s new headquarters.

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Voting ends in landmark Congo election

Monday, October 30, 2006

The final round of voting has ended in the first free elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in over forty years.

The runoff is between incumbent President Joseph Kabila and Vice-President Jean-Pierre Bemba, who led a field of 33 candidates in the first round of polling held on July 30, but failed to achieve the required majority vote. The voting has been largely peaceful, though isolated incidents of violence and voting fraud have been reported.

Jean-Pierre Bemba Joseph Kabila
44 years old 35 years old
One of four Vice Presidents President
leads Movement for the Liberation of Congo leads People’s Party for Reconstruction and Democracy
polled 20% of vote in first round polled 44.8% in first round
Main support base in western Congo Main support base in eastern Swahili-speaking Congo
son of a prominent businessman, who was close to Mobutu Sese Seko. backed by Ugandan army during the war. retains considerable business interests. son of former President Laurent Kabila, grew up abroad, received wartime backing from Rwanda.


  • 1 Polling day
  • 2 Transition from war
  • 3 Related news
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July 9, 2017

Safety Features: What You Need To Find In Every Structure}

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Safety Features: What You Need to Find in Every Structure


Brian Ayling

Many parents spend their time outside the house. Working parents report to their respective offices every morning. After the working hours, they go home. Some leave the premises late at night. Others are responsible for meeting clients in other venues. They spend most of their time hopping from one establishment to another.

Although this is the case, most people who spend their time in the building, do not know the structure very well. Most only know how to get to their office from the main entrance. They do not know where the storage areas are. Some do not even know how the other floors look like. It is interesting to note that although they go there every day, they are not familiar with all the areas there.

This is probably because what happens in other floors is none of their business. Other business entities occupy them anyway, so why bother.

Although it is right not to meddle to other organizations businesses, we have to be mindful of its safety features. This includes the fire exit signs, the emergency exits itself, and the fire fighting tools. If you see them in the establishment, then you can feel safe.

YouTube Preview Image

Here is what you need to check in each building you visit and the reasons why you should:

1.Security Personnel

The place would not feel safe if you do not see security guards or police officers patrolling the area. You should see security personnel because they are trusted figures. You know that you can trust them if you have queries or if you need help with something important like troubles with ATM.

2.Alarm Systems

A building should have this to inform everyone in the building in case something wrong happens such as fire. Without it, the people in the higher floors of the building will not be aware that there is a fire going on in the fifth floor. This is also necessary to notify the people that they have to evacuate the establishment right away.

3.The Emergency Exits

These exits can save lives. This provides an escape path for the people in case awful situation gets out of hand. The fire exit signs have to be visible so that people will know where to go when there is a fire. If not, signs should be available to point them where to go. The security personnel should assist the people during evacuation since they are more familiar with the building.

4.Fire Fighting Tools

Aside from the emergency exits, you should also find fire extinguishers and water hoses with ease. All buildings need this to have a chance at stopping the fire before it spreads. These devices will increase the peoples chance of survival during fire.

It is important that the people are aware of the basic safety features that they should find in every structure they visit. They should also take time to familiarize them as well. This will make them feel more secured. In addition, this can save their lives when something bad happens.

Having specialized in

fire exit signs

for over 20 years, Brian now works tirelessly to promote affordable fire safety for home and for business.

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Safety Features: What You Need to Find in Every Structure }

U.S. President Trump defends decision to share classified information with Russians

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Yesterday morning, United States President Donald Trump defended his disclosure of classified information regarding the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL or ISIS) to Russian foreign minister Sergey V. Lavrov and ambassador Sergey I. Kislyak, a decision that has drawn a storm of both explanation and criticism from the media and both major U.S. political parties over the past week.

As president, I wanted to share with Russia (at an openly scheduled [White House] meeting) which I have the absolute right to do

Trump spoke directly to the public, as is his custom, via Twitter: “As president, I wanted to share with Russia (at an openly scheduled [?White House?] meeting) which I have the absolute right to do, facts pertaining to terrorism and airline flight safety. Humanitarian reasons, plus I want Russia to greatly step up their fight against Isis and terrorism.”

On May 10, President Trump met with Lavrov and Kislyak in the Oval Office and, according to reports first from the Washington Post, told them about an Islamic State plot to sneak explosives onto airplanes by hiding them in laptop computers, which may have placed the anonymous partner who provided it in danger of identification. According to U.S. officials, the information in question was so sensitive that it is not only usually not shared with allies but also extremely restricted even within the U.S. government.

“The Russians have the widest intelligence collection mechanism in the world outside of our own,” said John Sipher, the former head of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency’s Russia division. “They can put together a good picture with just a few details[…] They can marry President Trump’s comments with their own intelligence, and intelligence from their allies. They can also deploy additional resources to find out details.”

While it is not illegal for the sitting U.S. president to share classified information with foreign officials, it may violate the agreement with the person or organization who provided the information in the first place. There are concerns the Russians may reverse-engineer the process by which the information was gathered and identify the source. Because many of the countries in the Middle East have tribal-level connections to areas controlled by the Islamic State, allowing a source to be identified could place them in political as well as personal danger. An official from one country in Europe told the Associated Press his government might cease to share intelligence with the United States. According to U.S. officials who spoke on condition of anonymity, the information came from Israel. None of their Israeli counterparts have seen fit to either confirm or deny this, and Israeli ambassador to the U.S. Ron Dermer wrote to The New York Times expressing “full confidence” in the U.S. intelligence process.

Trump’s advisors who were present at the meeting were quick to say on Monday, once the disclosure was reported publicly, that Trump did not tell the Russians exactly how the U.S. had come by any information. “At no time — at no time — were intelligence sources or methods discussed, and the president did not disclose any military operations that were not already publicly known,” said Trump’s National Security Advisor, Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster, who also told reporters, “I was in the room. It didn’t happen.” No U.S. newspapers were invited to the meeting.

Maria Zakharova, a spokesperson for the Russian foreign ministry, said the report of Trump disclosing classified material was “another fake.”

Republican Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee, noting he was not present at the meeting and did not personally know if President Trump actually compromised the source, said, “To compromise a source is something that you just don’t do, and that’s why we keep the information that we get from intelligence sources so close as to prevent that from happening.”

Senator Jack Reed of Rhode Island, who serves on the U.S. Armed Services Committee, and fellow Democrat Adam Schiff of the House Intelligence Committee both raised concerns about Trump’s mindfulness. Reed called it “reckless” and said: “The president of the United States has the power to share classified information with whomever they wish, but the American people expect the president to use that power wisely. I don’t believe the president intentionally meant to reveal highly secretive information to the Russians.”

Republican John McCain of Arizona called this “A troubling signal to America’s allies and partners around the world and may impair their willingness to share intelligence with us in the future.”

Trump’s meeting with the Russian ministers took place one day after he fired Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey, who had been running an investigation into alleged Russian involvement in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, which raised concerns about obstruction of justice.

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