February 13, 2017

Nitech Ipm International Packaging Machines}

Submitted by: Lara Alvin has been manufacturing stretch wrappers with straight forward features and economical pricing since 1963. When we developed our line of stretch wrappers we decided to focus on building a durable and dependable line of machines that would have all the features you need to wrap a product without the high price ticket.

Our mission at NitechIPM is to manufacturer high quality affordable stretch wrapping equipment. NitechIPM strives to offer an economical alternative to expensive stretch wrappers with a complete line of stretch wrapping equipment at affordable prices.

Why Us:

Our stretch wrappers are built using structural steel throughout the machine to hold up when wrapping loads that weigh up to 5,000lb. All operating controls, start, stop and dispenser controls use conventional toggle switches, dials and buttons for durability and long life.

NitechIPM Products:

High Profile Stretch Wrapping Machines

High Profile Stretch Wrapping Machines

Nitech’s packaging machinery is differentiated into two main categories; high profile and low profile wrapper. All high profile machines have a 14 and a half inch deck height and generally require a forklift or lift truck to load and unload pallets. Low profile wrappers have deck height 2 to 3 inches and are accessible with either a forklift or pallet jack when fitted with the optional ramp.

We offer wide range of stretch wrapping machines and wrapping equipment. All NitechIPM products are made in the U.S.A. and come with a 3 Year Warranty.

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Turntable Stretch Wrappers

Turntable stretch wrappers are a type of automatic and semi-automatic stretch wrapping system. A load is placed on a turntable, which rotates relative to the film roll, which is housed in a carriage attached to a vertical “mast” on which it may move up and down. In the simplest turntable systems, stretch is achieved by rotating the load at a speed in which the take-up demand on the load surface is faster than the rate at which the film is allowed to be fed, being limited by a brake system.

High Profile Turntable

Model: 77201

The very rugged 201 Series is a great choice for those that wrap loads on an infrequent basis. Just load the 48″ round turntable, attach the film, press the footswitch and wrap the pallet as it turns. Our 77201 is forklift portable, simple to operate and will save time and material.

High Profile Foot Switch Operated Variable Speed Basic Turntable

Model: 77201-V

When you need a way to stretch wrap loads on an infrequent basis, increase worker productivity and minimize worker fatigue consider the 77201-V. With the soft start and stop, loads will not shift or jerk and the speed can be adjusted for lighter loads. Just load the 48 round or octagon turntable, attach the film, set the turntable speed, press the footswitch and wrap the pallet as it turns. The stand alone control panel allows the operator to wrap standing anywhere around the load. The 77201-V is mobile, simple to operate and will eliminate worker fatigue.

NitechIPMs Flagship Stretch Wrappe

Model: PT2020-UTS

The PT2020UTS is NitechIPMs flagship stretch wrapper. The 2020 has 7″ color touch screen up to 10 modifiable programs, and automatic load detection. Fits either to 20″ power pre-stretch or the 30″ Unitension System (UTS).

More about the Unitension System (UTS).

The fixed ratio UTS power pre-stretch system is available with constant tension spring dancer and has incorporated a quick-threading cage. Simply open the cage, pull the film across the front of the unit and close the cage. The film is automatically threaded around the urethane stretch rollers, idler rollers and dancer. A plexiglass safety shield protects the operator from rotating rollers. Stretch ratios of 200%, 225%, 250% and 300% are available with the UTS film delivery.


Integrated scale

Hi-slide telescoping mast for tall loads

Auto-cut film at end of cycle

Oversized turntables 65 and 72

Split or extended base

Dual turntable

Top compression platen for unstable loads

Heater option for PLC operation in cold weather. Recommended use 32F and below

We understand the critical nature of supplying quality products to our distributors. That’s why our engineering department insist on the most advanced technology. Thatts why our manufacturing groups use only the highest quality components and manufacturing processes. And thats why NitechIPM products undergo thorough testing and inspection before they ever reach your door. You can be confident that you’ll get the products you want, when you want them, with the NitechIPM quality guarantee.

We encourage you to view our products and literatures to get a better idea of what we are talking about. Please either call us at 800-397-1100 or email us at for a free consultation.

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