September 6, 2017

How To Select Colors For Your Custom Infographic Designs}

Submitted by: Dharmendra Ahuja

The topic of colors has always been subjective, mainly because colors are mood and perception specific. One may find one color more suiting to his/her personality, while the opinions of another may differ. There have been umpteen psychological researches to back this fact up, which is why selection of color scheme becomes important if youre designing a visual narrative for public viewing.

Selecting the right bunch of colors for your narrative will enhance the effectiveness of your message communication. However, one should keep in mind that colors should be used in moderation; they should exist only to give an enhanced push to your message, not steal focus from it!

Some basic color related things to be kept in mind while youre working on custom infographic designs:

stick to 2 major colors, refrain from using more than 4 in total

the major colors should be bold while the others should complement them

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ensure you dont miss out on white spaces

A broader way to set things into perspective:

Your color selection should match with the brands color selection

The safest bet while designing an infographic for a brand is to stick to the brands colors (for which you are designing). Following the companys brand guidelines, makes designing more effective, communication wise. One can play around with complementary colors in order to match the brands primary color, to full effect!

Now comes the tricky part, how to select complementing colors?

Find an online color generator that helps you generate complementary colors for you. There are numerous options available online that can help you pick out the right colors for your infographic designs. Some just require you to lock-in your companys color and theyll auto-generate the best matches to your input.

-Selecting the shades:

play around with shades to add visual impact to your infographic designs. Try beautifying your infographic with shades to ensure they add more visual impact to your story!

-Basic the color scheme on the content context

You can also use the subject of your infographic to determine what color goes best with it. For instance, if youre talking about the earth and ecological balance, you can adopt a combination of blue and green in order to show earth and water. Using color schemes that highlight the subject of the infographic, make it more meaningful and facilitate easy communication. The benefit of using color that matches your content is that it boosts visual perception by manifold and gives life to your content!

-To summarize the above blog:

You should always first try to follow the color scheme of your company logo. This helps spread your message in a way that is easy to grasp for your target group; thus boosting your brands visibility. If not, you should base the colors scheme on what content youre showing through the medium of the infographic. It further gives an upward thrust to your content marketing strategy! Dont want to go through the stress of making an infographic? Contact us and well design your infographic packing maximum visual impact!

About the Author: Dharmendra Ahuja is the author of How to Select Colors for your Custom Infographic Designs, PitchWorx Infographic Design Company in India, providing custom presentation design and infographic design for digital marketing campaign and for your next big business presentation.Website:


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September 18, 2016

Garden City Booth Coming Soon In Lucknow By Dlf

Submitted by: Annya Kumar

Their required series and stores will offer impression in driving traffic on my website. Power-driven by super studios, infinity pool, clubhouse, multiplex and former features, Garden city Booth is most recent way of life destination to invest in! Industrial terra firma is well placed accessible for sale in the chief zone with all the facility amid excellent environment, superb surrounds and full irrigation amenities.

Altitude will satisfy your desire to fly. It is at a stature where you just taking breath. With stature of this burning project, you separate from seriousness and are at freedom. DLF offers it s the tallest commercial building in Lucknow at Raebareli road. Don’t make a decision the zenith of this project simply in meters or just by the quantity of its shop. With unexampled stages of comforts, luxury and services, live lying on everyone else.

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Our commercial booth set in a newly refurbished era building is situated in the pleasing region of Lucknow. DLF Garden city Booth on raebareli road is supreme for any person desiring Studio with commercial space. Whether you are here for delight or business the central location and closeness to Airport and the railway station or track will demand to those who wish for to make the lots of their reside in the state. These modern and modish booths are complete the space at an affordable price.

The offered amenities by the project for the investors are very pleasant such as nearby Commercial and Institutional regions, Close nearness to expressway, Easily accessible from

Corner Plot, a combination of top-notch commercial space, special business space, best Shopping brands on the ground mall, entertaining facilities, most important banks and ATM s, Kids play region and cr che, Ensures High Foot fall, Limited Edition Business Suites, Retail and Shopping, special Business Space, World Class Facilities, Rooftop Recreational Activities , high-tech Gym, Relaxing Spa, Swimming Pool, Scenic Landscape Podiums, Remarkable Restaurants and Food Courts, Conference Rooms and many more that is totally made for you.

Running on the whole terrain of 248 acres of flourishing greens state, DLF Garden city Booth Lucknow proposes you 31.30 sq yds commercial booth in the midst of pleasing situation. All types of shops designed to suit consistent with your pocket, for the reason that we know the price of it. At Lucknow, We are for your once-over before and after you purchase one in it, for the reason that we deliver the most excellent piece for you. It proposes a fabulous first-rate and luxury office address where the protection is close to zero! Commercial booth of this project offers you an influential and well dressed structural design in addition to ambience; is quality loaded, necessitates low maintenance and is without difficulty accessible.

Positioned on the region of main region, DLF Garden city Booth Raebareli road has 12 km distant from airport, 17.5 km Hazratganj (C.C.D), 15 km coldness from railway station, 5km left from SGPGI and 7 km as of Amar Shaheed Path. By way of a plan to have a superb Entrance plus intercontinental standard Club House, Multiplex, Shopping Mall, Solar Light Concept and myriad of other luxuries, the project proposes lots of broad range of facilities.

About the Author: Custodian Infrabuild, an authorized partner of DLF group is a Lucknow based Real Estate Company offers commercial space in DLF Garden city Booth. To get more details about the projects visit


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