May 10, 2017

The Ten Worst Employees In Your Hospitality Business}

The Ten Worst Employees in your Hospitality Business


Josh Stone

Run a hospitality business for a few years, and you’re likely to have at least a few nights where you had actual nightmares revolving around staffing your business. The neat-as-a-pin waiter who turns out to be a violent felon, the whole staff walking off the job, the chef who loses it and has a breakdown right in your lobby. Have you had the one yet about the new hire you can’t get trained no matter how hard you mentor him, and you look up and realize you’re talking to a department-store mannequin? We’ve all had that one after enough time.

After a few years, you’ll get a feel for whom is a likely candidate for a star performer and who should be shown the door. While the personality types I’m about to describe may have their places in other parts of the world, they probably aren’t cut out for hospitality service.

“What’s in it for me?” An example is an employee who asks about payday or even a raise while on the clock on their first day of work. It is clear that they are not dedicated to doing a good job. Service-oriented people habitually put the customer first; a new hire who is anxious to grab the first paycheck probably isn’t planning on sticking around for the second one.

Unreliable. There isn’t much to keeping up commitments for a hospitality job. Show up on time, keep breaks trimmed to a reasonable period, and carry out their duties. The kitchen is ruled by the clock, and there’s simply no place for a person who will make a promise and not keep it.

Rebels. This is any employee who does not follow the rules, or who challenges you on every idea. For some reason, the restaurant industry sometimes attracts people who have an authority problem. That’s hardly the attitude you need when the meals have to be done and served on time. Let the upstarts go join the army if they want to fight; you’re here to do a basic job and follow rules for both the sake of safety and customer service.

The petty thieves. This can be anything from employees who abuse the clock, by clocking in and then leaving to go eat breakfast, for instance, to those who might mysteriously make a couple of cases of shrimp disappear on the night shift. This isn’t always a case of outright dishonesty. The low wages of the service industry inspires the offer of perks such as free meals and the like. Of course, you might have already made it known that grabbing a bite on the way through the kitchen is tolerated and even encouraged. The crucial point here is to communicate where the firm boundaries are. We all want to be generous employers, but you can “Mr. Nice Guy” yourself out of business if you don’t watch it.

Employees who do not try to learn. It is essential that employees read a job manual if there is one, and make some effort to learn everything that they can from co-workers. Striving to expand the skill-set is a sign of a dedicated employee.

The dreaded “that’s not my job” attitude. This might be OK – even desired – in a job like air traffic control or the military, but there is no place for it in the service industry. A host of daily annoyances will always necessitate employees taking on additional responsibilities, such as filling in for a co-worker who called in sick, or getting slammed with way more business than you were prepared for at a peak hour, or even recovering from an unexpected mishap. After all, what, exactly, is the “unexpected” in this business? It doesn’t matter what job title a given employee has, they should be ready to pitch in wherever they’re needed in an emergency.

Slackers. Whoops, here comes the boss, better look busy! Oh, the managers aren’t here, we can chat and socialize and ignore the customers. Slackers hurt your business two ways, one, by not giving you the day’s work you’re paying for, and two, by angering the other employees who will resent having to fill in for someone who isn’t pulling their weight.

Flakes. Sure we all have personal lives to live outside of work, but the employee whose life is a constant emergency just isn’t what your business needs. It is a shame, because for some people this isn’t truly their fault; they just lack the skills to manage their time and life events efficiently. But others hide behind this mask, counting on your sympathy as they launch into a flat-tire story here and a couldn’t-get-a-babysitter story there. These types of workers often become ‘perpetual victims’, who seem never able to get the work done but to always have an excuse ready as to why.

Bad people skills. A bad temper is the worst; this will be a constant headache for both customer contact and working with other employees. Too many employees don’t heed the warning signs of a person with a poor handle on their emotions. A worker who loses their temper needs to be relieved of duty immediately; before they get you sued for damages when they got into a fight. Your other employees have a right to work in an environment where they do not feel constantly threatened. And of course, how many of us have left a business vowing never to return simply because one employee was rude to us?

The overly-social. This is the flip side of the people skills issue; those who will take more time to socialize with the other employees than they do fulfilling their duties. Best friends don’t always make best co-workers. And then there are those who seek romantic relations, either by dating their co-workers or flirting with the customers. At the least, you will have to carefully communicate to them where the boundaries are to be drawn between work and personal time. And at the wost, you will sometimes have no choice but to let the Romeos and Juliets go.

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May 9, 2017

Finding Vintage Identity London Watches, Designer Watches Uk Style And Gents Bargain Watches}

Submitted by: Robert Corter

If you are searching for identity London watches, designer watches and Gents’ bargain watches, there are tips you must know. These watches can be considered vintage as they have been in existence decades ago but are still in the market today. People who collect such vintage watches are individuals who value technology made hundreds of years back and who are not afraid to make a fashion statement. Although such vintage collection composed of identity London watches, designer watches UK-made and gents’ bargain watches can be challenging to search for, the price of being able to wear one can be rewarding as they are eye-catching. Here are a few tips to find such elegant but reasonably-priced watches.

Research will help you in finding such identity London watches, designer watches UK-inspired and gents’ bargain watches. Research will also serve as a guide to own an affordable and historical watch that still catches people’s attention. Imagine wearing Citizen Quartz at this period that can still compete with the fashionable watches of today.

To look for such vintage watches, you can go to websites and forums that promote them. You can also look for books with the theme classic time pieces. On the internet, look for affordable timeless watches and you will see different kinds displayed such as Rolex, Seiko and Omega. It is also vital to be aware of the background and price of such vintage time pieces.

You can also go to online auctions as there may be people who are selling their vintage watches at affordable prices. Know more about the seller and how he got such a watch. If you are satisfied with what you find, immediately bid for the item.

You can also go to stores that sell all kinds of watches. They may have the kind of identity London watches, designer watches UK-made and gents’ bargain watches. Also check if they have a watchmaker on board. If they do, this means they are committed to give great service to their clients. To find access to these stores, better go online first so you will know which stores sell them. You can also ask your family members, friends and officemates.

If you find the kind of watches you want, you can use a jewelers’ loupe to check the genuineness of these watches. To find such a tool, you can get one at a jewelry shop and over the internet. A tip in checking a real watch is to see if the dial is still working. Check if the dial winds without difficulty. If it does not, this means there is something wrong with it.

If you buy a vintage watch from other countries, make sure it is not in a city or country that has a warm temperature. This is to avoid humidity that can destroy your watch when it is being freighted to you. It is still best to buy such vintage watches in your own place so that you can wear them immediately and flaunt them in public.

When you purchase vintage identity London watches, designer watches UK-style and gents’ bargain watches, you have made yourself a good buy.

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March 7, 2017

Why Babies Are Special}

Submitted by: Brenna A. Welker

You would always hear the word “Congratulations” and “Welcome” every time a couple discovers that they are having a child soon. The word congratulation is being said because of the fact that they were blessed enough to be given the chance to share their responsibility if continuing the human race not only that, the word also means that when the baby is born it signals the start of building a family together with the father and the mother. On the other hand the word welcome that is also usually said to the couple means a total change to their lives with that soon to be born baby on the mothers womb. The time the baby is born every one welcomes the angel and also the lovers to the wonderful yet extreme world of parenting. Let’s go back to the time when the mother realizes that she is bearing a child on her stomach. The realization of having something in your tummy with its own life can such be a wonderful yet scary feeling for a reason that after nine months of bearing the child on your tummy comes a big responsibility of handling your very own baby.

Having a baby can be the most glorious feeling for every mothers and fathers since this mark the new stage of their relationship as they enter the level of building a family. A child is still considered as a baby the time he/she is born up to the age where the child reaches the age of two. Between this span of time, the parents are oblige to give all their time and care for the child’s welfare. In a different manner a child can still be considered as a baby even though he/she exceeds the literal age being stated for a child to still be a baby. As long as the parents would consider their siblings as a baby then nothing else matters.

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A parent is required to give everything that the baby needs especially on its first two years from being born because this is the most vulnerable time for babies. A strict supervision is needed for the parent’s part for a reason that a baby relies on the parents to give them what they need to survive. It is an essential factor for parents to take into consideration the things that needs to be done like feeding and teaching the baby how to crawl and walk. Guidance is strictly needed from parents since this stage of life for the babies is the “get to know these things stage”.

Having a baby should be thoroughly planned by a couple since the decision to have a child is one of the biggest responsibilities they can face. They are not only given the responsibility of taking care of the child but also the greater obligation of teaching the child of all the right morals and values that he/she can bring in the process of growing up. Being the perfect model for their child is also a required thing to do since the parents are the only guidance a child can truly have on the range of the process of growing up to be a good citizen of the country. Babies are so special since they are the ones who teach the greatest lesson of being responsible to the parents. A real life lesson indeed!

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