February 14, 2017

Tips For Making A Scented Candle.}

Tips For Making A Scented Candle.



There are a large number of people out there making candles. What separates the good from the best, is attention to detail. If you really want to make truly great scented candles, use high quality products in the making of the scented candles.

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It is important to use only the highest quality waxes and luxurious fragrances. Never use a lead core wick. Use only zinc or cotton. It’s also very important to test the wicks in whatever size container you are using to see that they are properly burning. The wick should allow the candle to burn all the way out and all the way down.

As for the fragrance, make sure to include enough fragrance to ensure a strong scent throw from the candle. I would suggest about 4 to 6oz. of fragrance per 3lbs. of wax. This will make the scent potent and make the fragrance last.

Whatever type of candle you are trying to make, be sure to get the correct wax. There are different types of waxes for different types of candles. There are one pour waxes, waxes that are better for container candles, and waxes that are better for pillar type candles. Your wax supplier should be able to tell you which is best for your project.

Have fun and happy candle making!

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Tips For Making A Scented Candle.