October 29, 2016

Marathi Books, A Mirror Of The Society Of Maharashtra

Marathi Books, A Mirror Of The Society Of Maharashtra


Mariak tyler

What do you do when you need to read a book? There are a few options, one, you can go to a book shop and buy it. Two, you can get it downloaded from the net, and three, you can go to a library and can read it there. But what if you have got it delivered at your gate? Pretty good, will be the answer. And it is the combination of all the above three options, means you get the book of your choice, you have to use internet and here is a library included.

Well, if you are interested in the regional work on the literature you should try Marathi libraries. And these libraries are available online. Here you get to read the best Marathi books, Marathi novels as well as the English novels, children books and the translated books. They provide you with the home delivery of the books and you get to read your favorite books on your table.

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Not only you read the books, but you can also put them in the queue and if not available you can put them on your wish list, so that whenever they are available you can get them as soon as possible.

In the Marathi literature you get to read the Marathi kadambari, Marathi Katha books. Since you can get the Marathi books online from their online book library, you don t have to be there present physically. So, doesn t it sound astounding, because they have set up the Marathi book rental library in Pune, and you are reading it at your room in Mumbai or Nasik? So you can read Marathi books online, rent book online and you never know that the books you are getting are from a library in Pune or nearby.

And this is not it. They do not only run a rental library for Marathi books, you also get all the contemporary books and the ones which are popular and are in demand.

Books, whether they are of regional culture and history or that of international fame, they ultimately provide you with some entertainment, some message and the history of a particular region or nation of the time. And the regional stuff helps you in understanding the current aspect of that society as the writer there shows you the real mirror of the society as he is a part of that. No one else can do it better than him. And without being into that place when you get to know about the society, what s the harm in reading their books and in this case Marathi books? For literature is what helps you getting connected with your whole nation and each of its state.

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Series of explosions hit hotels in Amman

Wednesday, November 9, 2005

At least three explosions hit US-owned hotels in Amman this evening, killing at least 57 people and wounding at least 245 others.

The first of the apparently coordinated suicide bombings occurred at 8.50 pm (1850 UTC) at the Grand Hyatt hotel in the Jordanian capital. It was followed by explosions at the Radisson SAS and the Days Inn. The hotels are particularly popular with American and Israeli tourists. At least one American was killed, and at least two others were wounded. They were not identified due to the condition on anonymity in the embassy.

The bomb at the Grand Hyatt hotel apparently went off in the lobby; the bomb at the Radisson SAS exploded in a wedding hall packed with around 300 people. Most of the casualties are believed to be Jordanian.

Jordanian King Abdullah II has condemned the bombings and announced that “justice will pursue the criminals”.

Islamic fundamentalist group Al-Qaeda, led by militant Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, is said to have claimed responsibility for the attacks on their website. The news was reported by several news outlets, but the authenticity of the claim has not yet been verified.

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Clash of cultures: Somali and Latino workers at U.S. meat packing plants

Friday, October 17, 2008

Muslim Somali workers at a meat packing plant in Grand Island, Nebraska wanted to pray. Their colleagues from Latin America wanted to work. A dispute over the company’s break schedule led to formal discrimination claims, mass job walk-offs and public protests by both sides last month, and a reported 200 firings.

Tensions at the plant began after a Federal government raid in December 2006 removed 200 undocumented workers. An equal number of employees quit shortly afterward. Altogether, six government immigration raids at meat packing plants of Brazilian-owned JBS Swift & Co. had removed 1,200 employees from the company’s work force, which caused substantial production problems. Management at the Nebraska plant responded by hiring approximately 400 Somali immigrants who resided in the United States legally as political refugees. Stricter Federal enforcement of immigration laws has had a significant impact on the meat packing industry because few native-born Americans are willing to work in its low-wage factories. Employers advertise to immigrant communities and after the immigration crackdowns the company turned to the Somali community, which was unlikely to be targeted for deportation.

They shouldn’t be forced to choose between their job and their religion.

Many of the new Somali workers were observant Muslims who wanted to practice the traditional religious prayer schedule, and few spoke English. The existing union contract had been negotiated before Muslims became a significant part of the factory work force, when religious needs had not been an issue, and break times were assigned according to a rigid schedule to ensure continuous production and prevent workers from working too long without a break. The sharp knives the meat packers wield for their job pose a substantial risk of accidental injury.

At first the Somali workers prayed during scheduled breaks and visits to the rest room. A few Somalis were fired for “illegal breaks” they had spent praying. Rima Kapitan, a lawyer who represents the Muslim meat packers of Grand Island, told USA Today, “they shouldn’t be forced to choose between their job and their religion.” The Somalis offered to let their employer deduct pay for time at prayer, but supervisors considered it unworkable to lose the labor of hundreds of people simultaneously, even if the interruptions lasted less than five minutes.

Can production line businesses realistically accommodate a varying prayer schedule?
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Plant worker Fidencio Sandoval, a naturalized United States citizen who was born in Mexico, had polite reservations. “I kind of admire all the effort they make to follow that religion, but sometimes you have to adapt to the workplace.” An immigrant from El Salvador was less sympathetic. “They used to go to the bathroom,” said José Amaya, “but actually they’re praying and the rest of us have to do their work.” Raul A. García, a 73-year-old Mexican meat packer, told The New York Times, “The Latino is very humble, but they [the Somalis] are arrogant… They act like the United States owes them.”

Differences of opinion arose over whether the prayers, which are a religious obligation five times a day for practicing Muslims and vary in exact time according the position of the sun, constitute a reasonable accommodation or an undue burden upon non-Muslim coworkers. Abdifatah Warsame, a Somali meat packer, told The New York Times that “Latinos were sometimes saying, ‘Don’t pray, don’t pray’”.

I kind of admire all the effort they make to follow that religion, but sometimes you have to adapt to the workplace.

As the Muslim holy month of Ramadan approached during 2007 the Somalis requested time off for religious reasons. Observant Muslims fast throughout daylight hours during Ramadan. Management refused, believing it would affect the production line. Dozens of Somali workers quit their jobs temporarily in protest. Negotiations between the Somali workers and management broke down in October 2007. Some of the fired Somalis filed religious discrimination complaints with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Problems resurfaced after September 10, 2008 when Somali workers approached plant general manager Dennis Sydow with a request to start their dinner half an hour before the usual schedule in order to break their Ramadan fast closer to sundown. Sydow refused due to concern the request would slow production and burden non-Muslim workers. During the same month a Somali woman complained that a plant supervisor had kicked her while she was praying. The union investigated the charge and the supervisor responded that he had not seen her while she bent in prayer and had only kicked the cardboard that was underneath her.

Somali workers walked out on strike September 15 and protested at Grand Island City Hall, asking for prayer time. The following day the union brokered a compromise with plant management to move the dinner break by 15 minutes. Plant scheduling rules would have reduced the work day by 15 minutes with resulting loss in pay for the hourly workers.

A Somali worker, Abdalla Omar, told the press “We had complaints from the whites, Hispanics and [Christian] Sudanese“. False rumors spread about further cuts to the work day and preferential concessions to the Somalis. Over 1,000 non-Somalis staged a counterprotest on September 17. Union and management returned to the original dinner schedule. Substantial numbers of Somali workers left the plant afterward and either quit or were fired as a result. Sources differ as to the number of Somalis who still work at the plant: The New York Times reports union leadership as saying 300 remain, while Somali community leaders assert the number is closer to 100.

The EEOC has sent staff to determine whether treatment of Somali workers has been in compliance with the The Civil Rights Act of 1964. Under the law, employers must make reasonable accommodation for religious practices, but the law grants exceptions if religious practice places substantial hardship on an employer’s business.

Doug Schult, the JBS Swift manager in charge of labor relations, expressed frustration at the inability to resolve the problem, which had surfaced in a Colorado plant as well as the Nebraska plant. He told The Wall Street Journal that his office had spent months trying to understand and comply with new EEOC guidelines in light of conflicting pressures. Local union chapter president Daniel O. Hoppes of United Food and Commercial Workers worries that similar problems could continue to arise at the plant. “Right now, this is a real kindling box”.

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U.S. issues travel alert for Europe amidst fears of Al Qaeda attack

Monday, October 4, 2010

The United States State Department has issued a travel advisory for Europe, based on information suggesting an imminent Al-Qaeda attack. The advisory urges all Americans in Europe to be aware of their surroundings and take adequate safety precautions when travelling. They stated that they are working closely with European governments to prevent attacks from Al-Qaeda.

According to CNN, the Undersecretary of State for Management Patrick Kennedy stated, “the advisory is not meant to tell Americans to avoid travel, but to take ‘common-sense precautions’ in case of trouble.” The Undersecretary went on to say, “If they see unattended packages or hear loud noises or see something beginning to happen that they should quickly move away from them.” Kennedy pointed out that the warning states individuals should be careful when in public places or riding in public transportation and they should know how to contact the US embassy.

Kennedy said he could not recall the last time a travel alert was issued for an entire continent due to security reasons. Earlier this week officials were looking at intelligence which hinted at the possibility of Mumbai-style attacks across European cities. The Mumbai attacks took place in November 2008 when armed militants stormed two prominent hotels, a historic train station and a Jewish cultural center.

A former State Department counter-terrorism expert told CNN, “The State Department is historically extremely cautious about these things.” He stated they do not want to be blamed for not warning Americans if they have information about possible attacks, but the alert is less severe than more formal travel warnings issued for previous threats.

The Los Angeles Times have reported the intelligence warning of the attack came from the interrogation of a German-Pakistani man who is being held at a US base in Afghanistan. All across Europe the governments have been alerting the public of the possibility of imminent attacks.

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Arthritis Treatment: Natural Cures

Submitted by: Peterismo Johnson

Arthritis treatment is often regarded as being more effective when medications are being utilized, however there are many natural remedies which you may already have in your kitchen cupboard right now. It is also widely assumed that arthritis only affects people once they reach middle age or older. It is true arthritis is more common in people aged over 40 or 50. As we reach such an age we tend to associate aches and pains of the body as a natural part of getting older- this is normally known as osteoarthritis. Arthritis does not only affect the middle aged or elderly, it can also affect children. There are unfortunately many forms of arthritis which are hard to diagnose until the specific symptom is felt. For this reason, a natural therapy via selecting specifically beneficial foods which aid arthritis treatment is crucial.

Arthritis has been around for centuries, and interestingly natural remedies for arthritis treatment have been tried and tested for almost as long. Natural remedies for arthritis treatment can be viewed as more favourable as they have fewer (if any) side effects, they cost less, and are easily accessible.

Some of these remedies for arthritis treatment can be found in your kitchen cupboard or pantry. Some are very basic; some are a little more complex.

Here is a brief listing of some of them:

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Molasses: a thick strong honey like sweet syrup. It is specifically a beneficial appetizer taken every morning to help alleviate the joint pain.

Cherries: A delicious fruit which grows specifically well in the summer months- particularly in Australia. Cherries are a good source of magnesium and potassium, minerals that are also natural painkillers.

Ginger: often considered simply a spice for cooking, this herb has many hidden medicinal qualities- specifically as a natural arthritis treatment. Eating only a few slice of this can alleviate arthritis pain. However, its tangy taste is not so good to chew. It is better to include this in soups or juices or other foods to mask the taste somewhat but still have the desired affect on your arthritis pain

Exercise: This could be considered the most common form of arthritis treatment, but is often the one which is least adhered to. The natural repetition of a basic exercise regime will ensure that your joints and muscles stay used and less likely to stiffen from the effects of arthritis. When we move the body, we normally use the joints. Gradual application of pressure in these parts can resist some of the arthritis pain and can even ease it or the better, eliminate it completely. It is always best to consult your doctor or physician before commencing an exercise regime.

Bee stings: This might shock some people, but bee stings have proven to be an effective form of arthritis treatment. Strange but true, this is what some German, Swiss and British doctors have found. The understanding is that the bee sting venom triggers the body s immune system to counteract the effects of the arthritis.

One should test and experiment with natural therapies as an arthritis treatment, some may be more effective for one person, while not as as effective for another. Natural therapies certainly provide a simple, easily managed arthritis treatment to compliment your recovery.

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Scientists develop ‘Smart Bomb’ treatment that targets cancer cells

Monday, July 5, 2010

Researchers at Deakin University, Melbourne are collaborating with Indian scientists to develop a new ‘Smart Bomb’ drug delivery system that is set to have fewer side-effects than chemotherapy and will target cancer cells in the body rather than attacking both cancer and non-cancer cells.

Project leader Associate Professor Wei Duan said in a statement, “Cancer cells are particularly difficult to kill as they contain so-called cancer stem cells, the root or seed cancer cells that are resistant to drugs”.

The findings include cancer antibodies that are designed to bind specifically to cancer cells, which, together with a gene splicing technique called ‘RNA interference’, will develop a treatment which penetrates and destroys mutated cells that cause the spread of cancer.

“The success of this project will bring us a step forward in significantly improving the survival rate and quality of life of cancer patients” Dr Duan added.

The Deakin’s Univeristy is a collaboration with the Bangalore’s Indian Institute of Science, ChemGenex Pharmaceuticals and Barwon Health’s Andrew Love Cancer Centre, while receiving $800,000 from the Australia-India Strategic Research Fund supported by the Australian and Indian Governments.

According to Dr. Duan, this new treatment can potentially be adapted to counteract degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, heart disease and diabetes. If all goes well, clinical trials of the treatment will begin in a few years.

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October 28, 2016

Anthrocon 2007 draws thousands to Pittsburgh for furry weekend

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania — Local caterers get ready for big business, as almost three thousand fans converge on the David L. Lawrence Convention Center over the Independence Day weekend for the world’s largest ever furry convention, Anthrocon 2007.

Many hope to renew acquaintances, or meet new friends. Others look to buy from dealers and artists, or show off new artwork or costumes. Some attend to make money, or even learn a thing or two. But one thing unites them: They’re all there to have fun.


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  • 3 Audience
  • 4 Art show and dealers
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Four children among six Canadians killed in Israeli attack on Lebanon

Thursday, July 20, 2006

In the continued conflict between Hezbollah and Israel, six Canadians, including four children who were killed on Sunday by an Israeli missile hitting a house in south Lebanon have been identified.

Saja Al-Akhrass (8), Zeinab Al-Akhrass (6), Ahmad Al-Akhrass (4), and Salam Al-Akhrass (11 months) were in Lebanon for a summer holiday, visiting their extended family. They were killed when their house collapsed after being struck by an Israeli bombardment. Their parents, 36-year-old Ali Al-Akhrass and his wife Amira (23) were also killed in the attack. The family were residents of Montreal.

Six others were reported wounded in the attack.

“I lost my brother, I lost my sister, my nephew, the family of my nephew, my aunt, my uncle. Oh God,” said Hussain El-Akras, brother of one of the victims. He told a Montreal news conference Monday that his family were begging the government of Canada to “put pressure on Israel to stop this barbaric behaviour.”

The Israeli military statement on the incident said “The responsibility for any civilian casualties rests entirely with the Hezbollah terrorist organization” and “The IDF (Israel Defense Forces) requested and warned residents of the area not to stay within range of the launch sites”. Israel says that Hezbollah disperses its weaponry among supporters in residential neighborhoods to avoid being targeted by the much larger, better-equipped Israeli Defense Forces.

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October 1, 2016

Tens Machine Hire Helping You Work Towards A Pain Free Future

Tens Machine Hire Helping You Work Towards a Pain-Free Future


Colin Sutton

Tens machine hire is now widely available. You can even hire these devices online and this offers you a fast and easy path towards effective pain relief.

Many people mistakenly belief that drugs are the only solution to pain. However there are many methods available that can help us manage pain in a more natural way.

Why You Need to Tens Machines

Tens machine hire can open up a new world of pain relief that does not rely on medication. This can be an important step forward in your pain management.

Strong prescription medications are undeniably effective at blocking pain. However this does come at a cost.

Pain relief medications are by necessity intrusive to the body. This means that they can affect other vital functions causing a number of side effects.

YouTube Preview Image

In many cases these side effects can be significant and could have serious implications on overall health.

Many pain relief medications can cause dependency. This can be a big problem as the patient can suffer withdrawal symptoms when it comes time to stop these drugs.

Because of dependency many patients end up taking pain relief medications even when the source of their pain has been cured.

It is important you look for more natural ways to deal with pain to help avoid any of the unpleasant side effects associated with long-term pain relief medication usage.

Hiring Tens Machines

In many cases the source of your pain will only be temporary. This could be pain relating from a sports injury, operation or illness. Once this has been treated you will no longer need pain management. This is why it can make sense to opt for Tens machine hire.

With Tens machine hire you can get fast and affordable access to natural pain relief.

You will only have to hire the machine for as long as you need it. This can save you the costs of buying the machine outright for temporary conditions.

Tens machine hire can also be useful for pain relief in labour. You will be able to include Tens machine hire in your birthing plan and reserve the machine for the dates you will need it.

One of the easiest ways to hire tens machines is online. There are reputable medical equipment providers online offering these services.

When you opt for Tens machine hire online you will be able to quickly and easily book your hire. The machine will then be sent out directly to your door when you need it.

Online providers offer more flexible services and have a wide range of different types of tens machines to choose from.

All you need to do is log in and see which machines are available.

This can be much more suitable than local Tens machine hire. These services are often in high demand and it can be difficult to book a machine for the times you need it most.


Tens machine hire

you can get non-invasive pain relief to deal with a whole range of conditions. This can be a fast and easy way for you to get the support you need to manage pain.

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U.S. appeals court upholds Honolulu aerial ad ban

Thursday, May 25, 2006

The U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals on Tuesday ruled that Honolulu‘s ban on aerial advertising is constitutional and rejected the arguments of a pro-life/anti-abortion group that contended that the ban restricts free speech.

In a unanimous ruling, the court ruled that the city’s ban on aerial advertising is not pre-empted by federal law and violates neither the free speech provisions of the First Amendment nor the equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. Writing for the court, Judge Margaret McKeown wrote that “Honolulu’s airspace is a nonpublic forum, and the Ordinance is reasonable, viewpoint neutral, and rationally related to legitimate governmental interests.” (“Nonpublic forum” is defined as a place that is not traditionally or explicitly opened to free expression.)

The Center for Bioethical Reform (CBR) challenged Honolulu’s ban, claiming that the ban infringes on their right to public advocacy. The group planned to fly a plane towing a 100-foot banner showing graphic images of aborted fetuses, and contended that authorization they sought and received from the Federal Aviation Administration authorized the group to fly in all fifty states and Puerto Rico.

The CBR has driven vans with such images around Honolulu in the past few years.

Judge David Ezra, U.S. District Judge for Hawaii, ruled in November 2004 that the ordinance was constitutional. The appeal was argued before the 9th Circuit in Honolulu in November 2005.

Announcing their intent to appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court, Gregg Cunningham, executive director of the CBR, said, “We never expected to get justice in the U.S. District Courts or in Honolulu. Our goal has always been to get to the U.S. Supreme Court. It’s the only place we feel we’ll get a fair hearing.

“If the environmental groups and political leftists who are trying to suppress the truth about abortion think we’re going to go away because we lost two cases that we fully expected to lose, they’re in for a rude awakening,” Cunningham said.

Hawaii has had a statewide prohibition on billboards and similar forms of advertising since 1927, and is unique among U.S. states in this regard. In addition, since 1957, Honolulu has had a comprehensive law regulating the size and content of signs. Honolulu’s ban on all aerial advertising was enacted in 1978.

Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hannemann praised the decision, saying, “This obviously has strong implications for our visitor industry to know that when people come here they’re going to see things here that really make for an island paradise type of vacation. This is great news for us.”

Mary Steiner, head of the Outdoor Circle, an environmental group that supports the ban, said, “We have never doubted for a moment the importance of the scenic environment that it is just as important as any of the rest of the environmental issues that are out there. We’re not going to stand by and let it be destroyed in any way, shape or form.”

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